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About Us

Soapsuds Nailworx was set up in 2000 with the aim of bringing beautiful nails to Bali. Over the years we have grown with the support of our fabulous clients to become Bali’s Premiere Acrylic & Gel Nail salon.

Widdy Utami Dewi, our lead nail technician and founder, first considered nail enhancements for Bali while in America back in 1989. It wasn’t until the late 90’s, when the market in Bali seemed ready and while in Australia, that she decided to study and learn the fine art of nail enhancements.

Since opening Soapsuds Nailworx in Bali, Widdy’s passion and dedication to perfection have ensured she only offers her clientele the best genuine products from around the world.

“Happiness is a satisfied client with beautiful nails”. Widdy

Our Services

We offer Acrylic and Gel nail care, maintenance and enhancements. Invigorating Manicures and Pedicures. Use only genuine imported & original acrylic and gel products.

“When it comes to things of Beauty, we don’t cut corners, we shape nails.” Widdy

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What our customers say about us

Dear Tante,
You are amazing!

Terima kasih telah membuat kuku jariku kembali ke kehidupan nyata… hahaha
Jangan bosen” ya Tante…
Aku bakal kesini terus untuk memastikan kuku jari dan kakiku tetap syantix


Dear Soapsuds,

Thank you for my beautiful ‘NUDE’ nails
Always the best

Eva Scolaro

“Soap Suds”

Widdy & staff have been doing my acrylic nails for 12+ years.
I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They do a fantastic job.

I will be coming for many years to come.


10++ years experience

Soapsuds never failed my nails

The best salon in Bali
Should try acrylic nails “The Best”

Soapsuds always use the best product!!

Sukses terus T. Widdy sayang



The best nail salon in Indonesia & Malaysia proven by me

Can’t find good salon too

Excellent Service

Top notch products



The best nail salon in the island. Been here since high school.
Never changed my nail salon once.

Amazing owner (Tante Widdy) and lovely staff members


Dear Soapsuds,

Never changed my nail salon almost 10 years.

Lovely staff

Melani Harijanto

Dearest Soapdsuds Nailworx

Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.

I highly recommended Madame Widdy Utami place!
I am truly satisfied client from 10 years back!

The staff are wonderful and their service is amazing!

I love soapsuds

Bebe Juliana Arin

Dear: Nenek Widi…

Sumpah cucu ke neneknya…

Saya gak akan BERKHIANAT LAGEEE…!!!

Makasih nenek kuku ku cantik lageee

Lope you deh


Dear Tante Widdy,

Dari semua salon kuku di Bali, aku cuma percaya tangan ku jadi cantik di tempat ini!!

Soapsuds Xo Xo
Legend pokoknya

Aditha Rani

Dear Widdy & Soapsuds Team,

I Love you guys to the moon and back

Over 15 years of acrylic nails

Ibu Nina

To Nailtech,

Hi I’m Ucha,

I would like to thank you for your services for all these years.

Never let me down!

The color, style, collection of yours is fully professionals and sparks.

I love your creativity.

Thank you Soapsuds

Ucha Soeprapto

Dear Widi,

Almost 14 years for my nails can’t live without acrylics (gila yaak guwe)

I wouldn’t go anywhere (malez kalo coba2)

Pokoke Good & Great Job


Thank you SoapSuds for the quality of work you provide… your costumers here in Bali.

My daughter and I would be lost without you ladies.


The best nail saloon in Bali, I have tried more than 5 saloon but yours is the best.

Thank you for giving such a great services

I will never leave you… hohoho

I feel more beautiful because of you

Vera Cahyani

Thank you,

I love my new nails!

Beautiful work!



Tidak pernah mengecewakan, selalu buat kuku aku slalu cantik

Always love soapsuds



Tidak pernah mengecewakan

Produknya the best

Tidak pernah membuat kecewa

I Love Soapsuds


Dear lovely Soapsuds crew especially Tante

U all really amazing

Great Job

Always make my nails beautiful

Thanks a lot, recommended nail salon


Dear Soapsuds Nailworx,

Have a wonderful pampering day here!!

Lovely & Friendly Staff

Definitely will come here again!


Dear Soapsuds Nailworx,

I Love it so much, the best nail nailworx I ever have.

Resultnya bagus banget, happy with all the team here.

I really love the place and ownernya so lovely

Ich Liebe Soapsuds Nailworx

Viel, Viel, Vieler Dank


Dear Te Widi,

Your services amazing and always great

Ayu Nelly

To Soapsuds Staff,

Thank you for the wonderful service

I am always happy with my nails and enjoy coming to your salon,

Friendly relaxing atmosphere

Janine & Family
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